China Marriage Customs

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China Marriage Customs

Marriage is one of the most important cultural phenomena in Chinese suppliers. Traditionally, the marriage was assemble by the father and mother of the wedding couple. However , today, many Chinese couples marry because they appreciate each other. Now there are numerous different traditions surrounding the Chinese big event. These include the Tea Ceremony, the wedding procession, and betrothal.

The Tea Ceremony is an important component of a traditional Chinese wedding. This ritual serves to present the new couple to family members and friends. Also, it is a time for the couple to thank all their international dating for chinese parents for their support.

The groom would wear a sash and classic attire during this wedding ceremony. He is accompanied by the groomsmen and bridesmaids. They have to block the doorway for the new bride. After the groom enters your house, the bridesmaids and groomsmen need to wait for the younger male member from the family to start the door.

Once the bride and groom have been introduced to their families, they exchange gifts. They are simply given a reddish envelope made up of jewelry and food. A « Grand Gift » is given by the groom’s family, representing fertility and prosperity.

The newlyweds in that case offer the father and mother tea. Every couple beverages from two cups attached together with a red string. During the tea ceremony, horoscopes will be read meant for the couple. Horoscopes indicate the future with the couple.

Another important element of a traditional Chinese language marital life is the Guo Da Li ceremony. The couple’s first nights marriage is considered a lucky nights. For good luck, a dragon and phoenix candle is held in the bride’s room.

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